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Calculating the Maximum Discount Rate (%) to Keep the Cost

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When the sale price P ($) is set by adding a profit of B (%) to a product whose cost is W ($), the maximum discount rate D (%) not to take any loss can be calculated as follows.

Sale price : P = W+W*B/100 = W*(100+B)/100

Discounted price : PD = P-P*D/100 = P*(100-D)/100 = (W*(100+B)/100)((100-D)/100)

Since PD ≥ W,

W = (W*(100+B)/100)((100-D)/100)

((100+B)/100)((100-D)/100) = 1

(100-D)/100 = 100 / (100+B)

D = 100 - 10000/(100+B)

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D = 100 - 10000/(100+B)
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